Children's Healing Forest Areas

The Children’s Healing Forest is divided into 5 functional areas: the Welcome Zone, the Sensory Forest, Movement and Coordination, the Communication Zone and Tranquillity and Communication.

1. Establishment of a Welcome Zone
with information about the healing forest stations

2. Focusing and sensory perception,
where hearing, touching, seeing, tasting, smelling (especially the conscious breathing) are all encouraged. With specific breathing exercises under pines or focusing exercises for strengthening and blood circulation (in this case: oxygen supply) of the eye muscles.

3. Introduction to the Movement Area,
geared to orthopaedic and motor treatments with therapy and play equipment. Along the forest trail, a range of therapeutic and playground apparatus is provided, which enables an indication-based strengthening and relaxation of individual and complete body muscle groups.

4. The Communication Zone
promotes interaction with each other and contributes to the development / promotion of psychic abilities.

5. The Tranquillity and Creative Zone
creates a space for relaxation and creative design. With a tree trunk "pick-up sticks" as a central meeting point, which stimulates sitting, climbing, seesaws and feathers and mossy areas for feeling and lying with a view of the forest canopy created by the 150-year-old beech trees.

The outdoors is an unique and completely intuitive experience.