The Compass Rose

The site of the Bismarckwarte, which stood on the Präsidentenberg until 1946 is now occupied by the “Compass Rose” by the sculptor Jörg Steinert. Just like the "Love Bench", this sculpture is made of a gneiss and granite moraine boulder.

These boulders originate from Scandinavia and were transported here during the Ice Age with the ice masses – they already contain a direction within themselves, the North, from where they came. In the upper part of the stone, a piece of Swedish granite is inlaid, indicating the North/South direction. In the East-West axis, two small quartz stones are inlaid (symbols of eternity). Coordinates with latitude and longitude specify the exact location.

The initial letters of the cardinal directions are sandblasted into polished areas, so that they can also be experienced by touch. The information in this compass rose can be read by finger tips from all sides. Starting with the polished pyramid of Swedish granite, you find the direction from which the stone came. You can then orientate and position yourself, in the same way as with a compass. The compass rose is intended to stimulate the sense of orientation and coordination sense in the open air in the forest. The view over the forest and sea is especially significant in this context.