The Love Bench

The Love Bench is reached at the end of poetry trail – it cannot be overlooked at the top of a knoll. Sculptor Jörg Steinert from Angermünde created it from metamorphic rock (gneiss) from the terminal moraine area of the Uckermark.

The sculpture was inspired by a line from Rainer Maria Rilke: "This is what makes love: That two lonely souls protect and touch and talk with each other".

We recommend this little ritual

Touching someone with the little finger through a hole in the sculpture means: "You are the most precious thing for me".

The index fingers of both persons must touch in all 21 holes, because the number 21 stands for happiness and a feeling of security in love.

Touching ring fingers is equivalent to asking your partner to marry you.

Pick a row of 3 holes and whisper your 3 wishes through the holes.

Lie down on the stone love bench and dream together: the gneiss stone promotes the realisation of ideas and dreams.

Find and touch the rose quartz, the stone of love and of the heart on this bench. It eases lovesickness and broken hearts.