The poetry trail

Ten tablets line the poetry path, mounted on stone – please take the time to read them all! One or the other stone with its saying or poem will certainly give you cause to think or even inspire you. It is worthwhile to return again and to read your personal favourite lines again. Always remember: There is nothing forcing you to work your way through the forest like a work schedule. The more time you have, the less you look at your watch, the more valuable this day will be.

All these lines are from major writers and there is even a quote from actress Marilyn Monroe. They all have something to do with the forest or trees.

A literary example that describes quite well what this forest can do for you – or better, what you can do for yourself in this forest:

"The storm roars through the forest
It is so eerie and yet so beautiful to hear.
And in winter, when the sun shines,
everything glitters like silver, and it is so still, that you hear nothing,
except the crunch of snow underfoot, and if you stand motionless,
you hear nothing except for the beating of your own heart.

Maxim Gorki (1868-1936)
Russian writer, stayed in the Villa "IRMGARD" in Heringsdorf in 1922 (today an international monument, art and literature museum and meeting place for artists) and received guests such as A. Tolstoy or F. Chaliapin.