About the planning

Welcome to the Heringsdorf Healing Forest! The therapeutic forest locations for children with the stately beech trees (27% of the tree stock), fir trees (57%), the forest clearings, the rolling topography and the special coastal forest climate (forest and sea air) offer ideal conditions for promoting children’s health

The following aspects played in a role in determining the location of the stations in the children’s healing forest:

  • Accessibility
  • Visual clarity
  • Natural barriers
  • Potential for disturbance
  • Topography

Landscape features

  • Soothing landscape features (such as light clusters or the scent of the pines)
  • Invigorating landscape features (rolling topography or mossy areas)
  • Strengthening life elements (mighty individual trees, ant paths)


Natural hollow at a historic place (stone table from 1888) with rolling topography. When determining the layout of the near-natural children’s healing forest stations the use of natural building materials was preferred over apparatus, such as tree trunks used as bridges, tree trunks as feeling tubes or seating, stones, pruned trees and shrubs, soil, grassy paths, etc.

Main development goals of the children’s healing forest stations are:

  • Promotion and development of movement components, development of motor and coordination skills
  • Promotion / development of psychical abilities (psychosomatic illnesses, fears)
  • Weight reduction (obese children)
  • Prevention and rehabilitation of orthopaedic diseases
  • Promotion and development of concentration, attentiveness and memory
  • Respiratory tract disorders
  • Strengthening of eye muscles
  • Interaction within the group

The picture shows the results of spontaneous creativity of children in the Children's Healing Forest.